About Us

“How do you want to be perceived?”

It’s a question that we find ourselves asking our clients time and time again, and with good reason. Often times, one’s visual presence makes the first impression on potential customers. Is it strong and consistent? Or is it weak and disorganized? Perhaps it’s even nonexistent. From print design to web graphics, we can quickly and affordably help you to make that first impression a memorable one.

Here at Perception we believe that every business and individual deserves great design without emptying their pockets (or losing their mind). Specializing in design for small to medium-sized businesses, we create materials that get unique products and causes the attention that they deserve.

Here are just a few things our clients love about us:

We’re Fast

We utilize the latest technologies to work more efficiently and  turn things around quickly, without sacrificing attention to quality and detail. When working with us, you can expect fast turnarounds and equally quick communications. Don’t believe us? Shoot us an email and you’ll more than likely hear back in just minutes.

We’re Talented

We spend time every day reading and learning new skills to keep our designs fresh and professional, while taking note of the ever-changing design world around us.

We’re Affordable

We work remotely so that you don’t have to pay for our fancy office space and additional overhead.